5 December 2012

Mistra Future Fashion — towards a sustainable future

Mistra has announced a completely new research programme: Mistra Future Fashion. In an initial phase, Mistra intends to invest SEK 40 million in research on the sustainable fashion of the future, from an interdisciplinary perspective. The purpose is for the programme to contribute to a more sustainable society, give the Swedish fashion industry greater competitiveness and expertise in sustainability, and find innovative solutions to the challenges faced by the fashion industry and society.

Read more about what Chief Executive Lars-Erik Liljelund thinks of the new research programme.

From the newsletter:

  • Meet the experts behind Mistra Future Fashion
  • Mistra holds briefing seminar on 10 November
  • Mistra’s idea development paved the way for the research programme
  • Mathilda Tham inspires sustainable fashion
  • Kenneth Alness looks at the whole clothing chain, from cultivation to recycling
  • Mistra funds tomorrow’s washing-machine

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