29 June 2012

Idea process

The research Mistra invests in should bring about a good living environment and development of a sustainable society. Mistra´s idea process, in which research programmes are devised and developed, comprises three stages.

Generating ideas

Ahead of future investments, Mistra identi?es research ideas. This is done through dialogue and meetings with researchers, companies, public agencies and organisations, and by monitoring global developments. International idea workshops with experts and researchers are also arranged regularly. The ideas are analysed by Mistra and, if they are deemed important, collected in an idea bank.

Developing ideas

Research ideas that are considered important are proposed to Mistra´s Board twice a year. The Board decides whether the ideas will be developed further into new research themes. This is often done by Mistra engaging an international idea group; this group´s tasks include holding idea seminars for researchers and users, and compiling a background report on the theme concerned. The idea group´s work usually culminates in a proposal to Mistra´s Board on issuing an application call for a research programme.

Calling for applications

After a decision by Mistra´s Board on a call for funding applications and on scope of a new research programme, relevant information is posted on Mistra´s website. Information is also provided at special meetings. The call announcement contains both general and specific requirements concerning scientific quality and usefulness. With respect to these criteria, incoming applications are evaluated by an international panel of experts. Decisions on which applications to fund are then taken by Mistra´s Board.