29 June 2012

Strategic objectives for 2009—14

Research aims

Mistra´s research is of outstanding quality and makes a difference to the community and the business sector. This is achieved by Mistra:

  • carrying out inventories of needs, in society and the business sector, to take initiatives and support strategically imperative environmental research
  • developing strong interdisciplinary research groups by means of cross-boundary programmes lasting several years
  • developing international research exchange for the purpose of strengthening Swedish strategic environmental research
  • monitoring and evaluating its inputs.

Communication aims

Mistra´s communication ensures that research findings are put to use. This is achieved by Mistra:

  • involving stakeholders from society and the business sector throughout the course of research, from idea onwards
  • communicating ideas, prestudies, research results and sustainable asset management
  • supporting research programmes that, in turn, communicate with the business sector and politics
  • developing new forms of communication and networks for increased exchange of ideas and findings between research, on the one hand, and the business sector, public administration and NGOs on the other.

Asset management aims

Mistra´s asset management is a model of how investments can develop society and the business sector in the direction of long-term sustainability. This is achieved by Mistra:

  • conducting profitable asset management
  • developing sustainable management through research and continuous exchange with development and research projects in sustainable asset management.