18 November 2009

"Excellent - and partly outstanding"

Mistra's Board of Directors has decided to provide continued funding for four more years to the research program Entwined. The assessment of the program receives very high ratings in terms of both scientific excellence and efficacy.

Excellent! And a grade of 4+ on a possible scale of 5 in the scientific evaluation cannot displease program manager Mark Sanctuary.

“It's is wonderful and is also confirms that we have chosen the right path for the research program. There are so many ways to organize work and it is gratifying to have now gotten third party confirmation that we have succeeded," says Mark Sanctuary.

Although there was also criticism in the evaluation, Mark Sanctuary was prepared for anything. The reviewers recommended, among other things, that the program should emphasize the synergies between different disciplines.

“We have this on the agenda and it is an issue we are continuously aware of.  How we will work to achieve our goal is made very clear in our application and communicated to Mistra. Shortly, we will have a meeting with Mistra and then discuss a range of issues, including the recommendations contained in the evaluation," says Mark Sanctuary.

The evaluators criticized the program for lack of communication, which is being addressed in the plan for the next phase where it is expressly included in the budget.

“We have several possible solutions on how to allocate communication resources as we move into phase two," affirms Mark Sanctuary.
He adds that in the first phase the program was primarily focused on getting the research off-the-ground.

“It is impossible to communicate without test results and you can not have strong results without world-class research. During the next phase, we plan to do as much as we possibly can to highlight what we have accomplished so far," promises Mark Sanctuary. Overall, the review process was positive and both the scientific and commercial evaluations have been sent around to everyone connected to the program.

“The external findings have given us new perspectives. It has been an interesting process which also arouses some questions for us," says Mark Sanctuary.
Mistra's Board decided that the grant could not exceed the 34 million SEK Entwined requested. What the exact sum will be and how much will be paid annually will be determined shortly by Mistra.

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