19 January 2010

DOM’s Johan Schnürer becomes vice president of SLU

DOM’s program director Johan Schnürer leaves his position at Mistra to become vice president of SLU, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, in charge of interaction.

The new program director of DOM will be with Sebastian Håkansson with Ingvar Sundh as his deputy.

Johan Schnürer has developed and managed Mistra's research program DOM (Domestication of Microorganisms) since its launch in 2003 and now leaves with only one year is remaining.

He is Professor of Microbiology at SLU, with a research field including yeasts and mold organisms in food.

Johan Schnürer takes his new office in mid-January. His position as vice president, with the responsibility to increase cooperation—both internationally and nationally—is a new position at SLU.

“My hope is that the research conducted at SLU, more than ever, will now cooperate with other universities, industry, authorities and other stakeholders," says Johan Schnürer.

To create powerful research environments that internally interact with one another is also part of his vision for the new mission—an approach where his time at Mistra will be useful.

“I will bring many of my experiences from Mistra to my new capacity as vice president of collaboration between "academia and industry." Some of this proficiency came into use during the creation of SLU's major evaluation KoN: Kvalitet och Nytta (Quality and Utility)—at which I and my colleagues are now presenting the final report to the SLU Board, employees and external stakeholders," states Johan Schnürer.

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