20 May 2010

Mistra Project Manager Praised by the King

On May 12, Hanna Härelind Ingelsten, project manager of the Mistra program E4, received a scholarship of 75 000 SEK from the King himself.  She was one of 19 fellows who received monetary awards from the Foundation of King Carl XVI Gustaf's 50th Birthday Foundation for Science, Technology and Environment.

She received the award for her research into catalytic converters for ships.
“I will use the money for field trips and to expand my network of contacts, in order to widen and improve the research on the application of emission control for ships," says Hanna Härelind Ingelsten.

Among other things, she works as a project manager for the Mistra financed program E4, working on exhaust-emission control of combustion engines.  However, she is not receiving the grant for her efforts in that area, but rather for her research into exhaust-emission control of ship’s engines.

Clearly, the need for research in this area is great.  In 2016, new, stronger rules for ships are put in place, regulating, among other things, the emissions of nitric oxides.
“There are rules about this already in effect today, but they can be met by engine control.  Yet, that level of control will not be sufficient when the new global rules are introduced," says Hanna Härelind Ingelsten.

King Carl XVI Gustaf's 50th Birthday Foundation for Science, Technology and Environment will promote research, technological development and entrepreneurship contributing to sustainable use of natural resources and biodiversity conservation. The fund was created in connection with the King's 50th birthday at the initiative of the Royal Academy of Sciences, the Royal Forest and Agricultural Academy, the Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences and the Federation of Swedish Industries, which is now called Swedish Enterprises.

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