17 September 2010

Grand finale for ProEnviro

On 21 October, the doors will open for this year's Result Day for the ProEnviro research programme. This time, the event is special. Twice as many projects as before will be presented. It is also ProEnviro´s final year: the programme is to be concluded in 2010.

The Result Day will take the form of an exhibition at which some 30 projects will be presented in their own stands. On the spot will be both the companies and the researchers taking part in the projects. This year, too, all the projects from both the ProEnviro and the ProViking research programmes will be assembled there.

‘It´s going to be extremely interesting. Since it´s ProEnviro´s last year, we´re having a joint Result Day with ProViking. It´s going to be a big event,´ says Lars Frenning at Chalmers University of Technology, who is the Programme Director.

Closely associated
The projects in ProEnviro are closely associated with industry. The project manager and the person who defined the problems to be addressed both come from small companies.

The foundations providing the funding, Mistra and the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF), have been eager to promote the research.
‘It´s been very good, although the projects have been short. There hasn´t been any insistence on PhD students, but several of the projects have nonetheless had them,´ Lars Frenning says.

New synergies
Lars Frenning is taking pains to make the event on 21 October an exciting one. He hopes that the invitees and researchers will find new synergies.
ProEnviro and ProViking are two programmes with broadly the same features, but with the difference that ProEnviro focuses more on environmental impact, somewhat shorter projects and funding shared between SSF and Mistra.

What remains now is a process evaluation covering the form of the ProEnviro programme, its calls, the Board, assessments of proposals and the assessment process itself.

Second phase
‘We´ve had positive indications so far,´ Lars Frenning says hopefully.
A scientific evaluation will be carried out during the autumn. The hope is that ProEnviro will be extended into a second phase after 2010.

The programme´s Result Day event on 21 October will be held at Factory Nacka Strand.

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