27 September 2011

Continuation of MistraPharma and Mistra-SWECIA

Mistra’s board of directors has decided to invest a further SEK 52 million in the MistraPharma programme. Following a decision, MistraPharma received SEK 42m for research on how pharmaceuticals enter the environment via sewerage systems and by other means, and on potential measures to reduce these emissions.

This interdisciplinary programme engages scientists from several Swedish higher education institutions. A new feature of the second phase of this programme is that experts from Brunel University in the United Kingdom have been included. In the course of the programme, the researchers hope to succeed in mapping the dispersion of more than 100 active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and evaluating various methods of treating them so that they spread no further than to wastewater treatment plants. Programme director Christina Rudén is currently overseeing a revision of the programme plans.

Mistra-SWECIA (the Swedish Research Programme on Climate, Impacts and Adaptation), too, is to receive funding for a further four years. Mistra´s Board of directors has reserved SEK 48 million for the period from 2012 to 2015. Mistra-SWECIA was previously awarded SEK 40 million for the period 2008—11. The host or ‘main contractor´ for the programme, which is about adaptation to climate change with the emphasis on forestry, is the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI), and the programme director is Markku Rummukainen. The Phase II application was approved on condition that certain points in the programme proposal are revised.

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