21 October 2011

Keen interest in Mistra Innovation

The closing date for applications to the Mistra Innovation research programme was 17 October. Gratifyingly, there has been massive interest: 43 applications for a total of SEK 156 million, from all over Sweden, have been submitted. Mistra Innovation has SEK 40m to distribute for the four years ahead, and the plan is to allocate SEK 20m in the current call.

The purpose of Mistra Innovation is to give small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) a chance to develop innovative ideas into commercialisable, ecofriendly products and processes through collaboration with higher education institutions or research institutes. Mistra has previously conducted a similar programme, known as ProEnviro, which was concluded in 2010.

‘Some applications are for going straight on with ProEnviro projects and developing them further,´ says Lars Frenning, Mistra Innovation´s Programme Director.

‘When it comes to the type of company applying, most applications may be said still to come from the engineering industry. But applications have now come in from several sectors,´ Frenning continues.

The applicants include many established companies in need of research support. This is a positive development. In the previous programme, ProEnviro, there were many new start-ups and research companies from universities applying for funds.

The applications will now be scrutinised and decisions on award of funding will be announced in mid-December.

‘At first sight the applications seem to be at a high level, with full documentation,´ says Christopher Folkeson Welch, Programmes Director at Mistra. ‘The applicants have devoted a great deal of work to preparing well thought-out applications, with good project partners.´