30 April 2012

Mistra to co-fund BONUS Baltic Sea programme

BONUS, the Baltic Sea programme, is a joint research venture on the part of the EU Member States around the Baltic Sea and the EU itself. The programme will provide funding for research on the environment and social development in the Baltic Sea Region. Its total budget up to year-end 2017 will be some €100 million.

Mistra and five Swedish government agencies (the Research Council for Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning [Formas]; the Research Council; the Environmental Protection Agency; the Agency for Marine and Water; and the Civil Contingencies Agency) are the Swedish funders for the programme. The EU is contributing up to 50% of the funding. Mistra’s funding will go primarily to projects focusing on technological development and innovative solutions.  

The plan is for the first call for funding applications in the programme to open in 2012. A decision on the exact dates is expected before the summer. Funds will be available for four-year research projects addressing three or four of the theme areas within the strategic objectives defined in the BONUS Strategic Research Agenda for 2011–17.