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2 July 2012

Final Report on Marine Paint

Nine years’ work has been done in the Marine Paint research programme to develop new environmentally sound and effective antifouling paint for boat hulls. A workable mixture has now been found. Read about the Marine Paint research findings in the final report.

The programme, conducted jointly by researchers at the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology, has focused on medetomidine. This substance has proved highly efficacious against barnacles, which are regarded as the most problematical fouling organism. To combat other types of biofouling (from algae, mussels, moss animals etc.) too, the researchers have developed a system involving various combinations of biocides.

First we tried to find a biocide that worked against everything, but we didn’t succeed. By using several types of biocide that are effective against various organisms, and adjusting the relative amounts of these substances, you can avoid all biofouling.
Dr Åsa Arrhenius, the former Deputy Programme Director.

Research findings on medetomidine from Marine Paint have been passed on to a commercial partner, I-Tech AB, to ensure that the results are applied. Marketing under the trademark Selektope® is now under way.