5 July 2012

Evaluating the impact of Mistra’s research programmes

Soon Mistra will celebrate its 20th anniversary, and Sweco Eurofutures is to evaluate the 31 programmes implemented over the years.

Since 1994, Mistra has invested more than SEK 3 billion in various research programmes. What impact have they had on society? Have they resulted in technological innovations, more products and important patents? Have the policy-oriented programmes culminated in new regulations and laws? Have lasting research environments been created?

Sweco Eurofutures, to which the task of evaluation has been outsourced, will apply a theoretical evaluative model and hopes to detect effects that are hard to discern, as well as the more obvious ones.

‘The main purpose of the evaluation is to ensure that Mistra has used its funds in compliance with the Statutes,’ says Mistra’s Programme Director Johan Edman.

Besides examining documents, Sweco Eurofutures’ work will include conducting numerous interviews with participants in the programmes and with clients or purchasers.