19 September 2012

New science documentary series

Mistra has joined Sweden’s TV4 News and the popular science magazine Forskning & Framsteg (’Research & Progress’) to produce a series of TV documentaries on research and science. Through this collaboration, we aim to provide a stimulating, instructive picture of Swedish scientists and their research. The project comprises six films lasting six minutes, portraying researchers at work. The series, entitled ‘Research in Focus’ (Forskning i focus), will be broadcast in conjunction with the science (Vetenskap) programme on TV4 News.

– It’s a great boon to be able to feature science and eminent researchers on TV4 News. I think the series will go down well with lots of viewers, says Mia Lindqvist, head of programming at Nyhetsbolaget, the news company.

In the first programme we meet Cecilia Berg from MistraPharma, who is studying the impact of environmental pollutants on wildlife. This includes animals’ vulnerability to substances that disturb the balance of hormones in their bodies. Frogs and birds serve as the models. Programmes to follow will cover scientists working in Mistra Biotech and Mistra Future Fashion.

The programmes will be aired on TV4 News on Wednesdays at 1.30 pm and repeated on weekday evenings. It will also be possible to view them at TV4Play and they will be available at Each programme will eventually have its own website.

TV4 News, a 24-hour broadcasting channel, is TV4’s latest offering. Distributed by Canal Digital, Com Hem, Tele 2, Boxer and TV4 Play Premium, the new channel currently reaches 1.7 million households.



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