Automatgenererad bild.

16 October 2012

Research-themed decoration at Mistra secretariat

New photographs taken by Mistra depict the breadth of the environmental research funded by us. The pictures, currently adorning the secretariat, show the activities under way in the Foundation’s 15 research programmes.

For the past few weeks, every visitor to Mistra’s secretariat in Stockholm is met by beautiful photographs. The images reflect the research that we fund.

Mistra used to hire works of art to decorate the walls of its office in Gamla Brogatan. Now, instead, the walls are adorned with photographs depicting the breadth of Mistra’s research initiatives, from conservation of natural resources and management of valuable environments to biotechnology and policy development.

This photo series inspired by the environmental research under way is the work of Anette Andersson, a freelance photographer commissioned by Mistra.

Mistra Webbredaktör