13 November 2012

Closing Agenda for Research seminar

How is Swedish research to retain its strength and meet future challenges? In mid-November a closing seminar for the Agenda for Research project run by the Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA), in which Mistra has taken part, will be held.

Sweden has world-leading researchers and several companies noted for their research. At the same time, competition from other countries is increasing. What are the requirements for us to be able to remain a successful and prosperous country, with a strong business sector that generates job opportunities?

The Agenda for Research project, seeking to answer this question, has been under way for three years at the Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA). Mistra’s participation has taken the form of funding for the project, which will be rounded off with a major seminar in Stockholm on 12 November. A range of challenges to research policy have been identified and will be raised at the seminar, as will proposals for how to meet them.

The conclusions from the project and a possible way forward will be discussed by nanoscientist Maria Strømme, Stockholm University Vice-Chancellor Kåre Bremer, Håkan Sörman of the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, Daniel Katzenellenbogen of the company Serendipity Innovations and Moa Ekbom of the Swedish Association of Doctoral Candidates. Minister for Education Jan Björklund will also talk about the objectives and content of the new Swedish Research and Innovation Bill.

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