19 November 2012

Mistra and TV4 News document Swedish research

During autumn 2012, Mistra has collaborated with TV4 News in developing a documentary series about research and science. Six researchers from various Mistra programmes have been interviewed.

The documentaries are being shown on Swedish television, in the Vetenskap (‘Science’) slot on TV4 News that is aired once a week. Besides the presenter, Madeleine Westin, an editor from the Forskning & Framsteg (‘Research and Progress’) is present in the studio to comment on the latest scientific news.

‘It’s a great way of bringing science and outstanding researchers to the fore on TV4 News. I think the series, “Research in Focus”, will be appreciated by lots of viewers,’ says Mia Lindqvist, head of programming at Nyhetsbolaget, Sweden's largest private provider of broadcast news.

One of the first programmes follows Cecilia Berg from the company MistraPharma. She looks at the impact of pollution on wildlife. Topics she is studying include the vulnerability of frogs and birds to substances that disrupt their hormone balance. The other Mistra programmes followed by Forskning i fokus (‘Research in Focus’) have included Mistra Biotech, Mistra Future Fashion, Mistra Arctic Futures, Steel Eco-Cycle and Mistra Urban Futures.

TV4 News is TV4’s recently started news channel, which broadcasts 24 hours a day and reaches 1.7 million households. The programmes are now available to watch on TV4Play and will later be posted on Mistra’s website as well.

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