1 March 2013

Useful microorganisms in new research book

Microorganisms are used to great benefit in, for example, food production, farming, soil remediation and biofuel production. Beneficial Microorganisms in Agriculture, Food and the Environment: Safety Assessment and Regulation is a brief overview of the many boons they give humankind. Based partly on research results from Mistra’s ‘Domestication of Microorganisms’ (DOM) programme, the book was written by Ingvar Sundh, formerly a DOM researcher, along with Andrea Wilcks and Mark Goettel.  

Besides giving examples of application areas for microorganisms, the book focuses on issues relating to safety assessment and regulations. How, for example, can potential risks be translated into a regulatory framework and policies that establish protection for people and the environment? And how can this be done without unnecessarily holding back the implementation of new microbiological solutions?  Consumers’ perceptions and behaviour in relation to microorganisms are also covered.

This book is the most extensive summary to date of current knowledge about methods and regulatory aspects of microorganisms. It may well come to have a major bearing on the further development of this area.

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