12 March 2013

EviEM’s systematic review course

In February, British researchers held an overview course in systematic reviews in the environmental sector. This working method is used by the Mistra Council for Evidence-Based Environmental Management (EviEM) to develop scientifically based documentation for decisions in Swedish environmental management.

Neal Haddaway and Jacqualyn Eales work at the Centre for Evidence-Based Conservation at Bangor University in Wales. This Centre originated the methodology for systematic reviews of environmental issues, and has been a model for the Mistra Council for Evidence-Based Environmental Management (EviEM).

The course, which was held on Mistra’s premises, catered primarily for EviEM’s Executive Committee and the Chairs of the first three systematic reviews that have now been initiated. The EviEM Secretariat also took part. Systematic review, the method used by EviEM in its environmental assessments, is believed to yield reliable results when documentation is to be compiled for decision-making in environmental management.

The course participants also had a chance to carry out purely practical elements of a systematic review. Members of the EviEM Secretariat spent another half-day in a further in-depth course in systematic review, explains EviEM’s Director Sif Johansson.

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