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12 March 2013

Last year for ENTWINED

The ENTWINED research programme is in its last year. The main ambition is now to disseminate the programme’s results. One way of doing so is to maintain the successful initiative of issuing brief reports that give hard-pressed politicians and business people an understanding of the latest research.

The ENTWINED (Environment and Trade in a World of Interdependence) research programme is in its seventh and last year. The top priority now is to report to end users on what has been achieved, says Programme Director Mark Sanctuary.

‘We’ve established a good network of politicians and other decision-makers working in commerce and the environment in Sweden, Europe and the US.’

Brussels workshop for decision-makers

One activity that will be arranged by Mark Sanctuary and his colleagues in ENTWINED this spring is the high-level workshop in Brussels for senior politicians and civil servants in the European Commission. The research, which has been aimed at supporting negotiators and other interested parties in their integration of environmental aspects into international trading systems, has been carried out in close cooperation with decision-makers at a high level, in Sweden and internationally, throughout the programme period. The researchers have, for example, created good interfaces with the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and, as before, the programme will host a seminar during the autumn WTO Ministerial Conference. The final year of ENTWINED will end with a major users’ conference in Stockholm.

Publication of the Issue Briefs report series, which has been greatly appreciated, will also continue during the year. Among the many people reached by the latest Brief were the Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Sweden to the WTO and the Director-General for Climate Action (head of the European Commission’s ‘DG CLIMA’).

‘To date, I think we’ve given away at least a thousand print reports, and also had lots of downloads from our website,’ Mark Sanctuary states.

Five new research briefs

Maria Kardborn, the ENTWINED Communication Manager, relates that the idea is to present various parts of the research, in four to eight pages, in a way that is both easy to read and visually accessible. For those wishing to explore the subject in more detail, there is usually a more extensive scientific report to study. To date, there have been 14 publications in the Issue Briefs series, and another five are planned for 2013. The next Brief will cover locally produced food.

‘Busy people who are short of time should be able to skim through the highlights from various research fields and take something specific with them into their negotiations or decision-making situations,’ says Maria Kardborn.

Text: Henrik Lundström, Vetenskapsjournalisterna

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