15 April 2013

Monitor Mistra’s research on Twitter

Anyone with an interest in what is going on in Mistra and in many of the research programmes we fund can become a follower on Twitter.

Quick updates on current research and events concerning the environment are obtainable from Mistra’s Twitter site, @MistraForskning. Several research programmes are also active on Twitter.

The programmes with their own flows on Twitter are MistraIndigo (@MistraIndigo), ENTWINED (@ENTWINEDProgram), Mistra Urban Futures (@MistraUrbanFut), Mistra Arctic Futures (@MistraArctic) and Stockholm Resilience Centre (@sthlmresilience).
Annika Mossing, a communicator at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), also tweets on Future Forests at @AnnikaMossing, and news from one of the projects in Mistra Future Fashion is available on Textiletoolbox (@Textiletoolbox).

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