21 April 2013

Aquaculture paper indicates approaches for call

Mistra has drawn up a report on Swedish aquaculture research ahead of a possible call for funding applications. The report describes how aquaculture in Sweden can be developed into a green industry that produces ecologically sustainable and wholesome food, and how research can contribute to this development.

In Sweden, fish and shellfish farming is still a relatively small sector. Mistra is considering the option of investing in this sector to develop it and identify  means of achieving more sustainable production.

Since mid-2012, a Working Group had been working on their background paper, which sheds light on the industry. The group was headed by Axel Wenblad, the former Director General of the Swedish Board of Fisheries. Wenblad and experts from Denmark, Norway and Finland jointly drew up documentation on the status of aquaculture research and the sector in Sweden, along with further research requirements.

The report is now being presented to the Board of Mistra ahead of a decision on whether to issue a call for research proposals in the area.

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