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28 June 2013

Mistra and Formas announce joint funding of SEK 108m

The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research (Mistra) and the Swedish Research Council for Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning (Formas) are to issue a joint call for funding applications in two areas: environmental research in the humanities and sustainable production systems.

‘This is the first time Mistra and Formas have engaged in joint national initiatives, and we’re very pleased with the cooperation,’ says Rolf Annerberg, Director General of Formas.

Environmental humanities research

Sweden has many strong research environments in environmental humanities with great potential, but lacks the preconditions for collaboration within the country and with internationally leading institutions. A national initiative in environmental humanities is necessary.

‘With the right measures, Sweden could be in the forefront of this emerging research field,’ says Mistra’s Chief Executive Lars-Erik Liljelund. The funds announced amount to SEK 40 million.

Sustainable production system

Formas, Mistra and the Swedish Farmers’ Foundation for Agricultural Research (Lantmännen) are to jointly invite applications for funding, amounting to SEK 68 million, for research projects on efficient and sustainable production systems. This call includes research on aquaculture, agriculture and silviculture.

‘The aim of the call is to bring about research that can foster more efficient but, at the same time, environmentally sustainable plant cultivation and animal husbandry,’ says Rolf Annerberg, Director General at Formas.

‘To us,’ says Mistra’s Chief Executive Lars-Erik Liljelund, ‘it’s especially pleasing that aquaculture is included in the call. We identified this area previously. The hope is that the research will help to develop sustainable aquaculture in Sweden.’

The calls for applications will be issued in autumn 2013.

For more information, contact:

Johan Edman (Environmental Humanities Research),,
+46-(0)8-791 10 28
Thomas Nilsson (Sustainable Production Systems),,
+46-(0)8-791 10 22
Malin Lindgren, Communications Manager,,
+46-(0)8-791 10 27

Lissa Nordin (Environmental Humanities Research),,
+46-(0)73 914 65 12
Mattias Norrby (Sustainable Production Systems),,
+46-(0)72 250 59 73
Emilie von Essen, Press Manager,, +46-(0)733-50 31 61

Helena Fredriksson, Research Manager (Sustainable Production Systems),, +46-(0)10-55 61 047

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