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13 November 2013

Anniversary magazine about

20 years’ research

Over the years, Mistra has engaged about 1000 researchers in some 50 research initiatives. A new magazine presents examples of what these investments have achieved and what current initiatives are intended to attain.

Next year, it will be 20 years since Mistra was formed as a research foundation to support strategic environmental research initiatives. To show the results of its activities since 1994, Mistra has issued an anniversary magazine. In it, you can read about new solutions to numerous environmental problems, and also about products and services that have emerged in various programme initiatives.

The articles also describe the challenges of working across subject boundaries; the background to Mistra’s formation; and how environmental research and our view of the environment have developed. You will also encounter people who have made important contributions in research, interdisciplinary studies and asset management.

‘We summarise some of all the work Mistra has done and take the opportunity of looking into the future a bit. You can read about experience that has enabled research to make a difference, and also about concrete results that have helped society to develop more sustainably in a range of areas,’ says Mistra’s Chief Executive, Lars-Erik Liljelund.

The magazine includes a presentation of results from the evaluation of 33 completed research programmes carried out by Sweco Eurofutures on Mistra’s behalf. This evaluation shows, for example, that in all essentials the initiatives have attained their purposes and aims. The research has been highly significant in bringing to the fore various environmental issues and work in the areas of climate, forestry, the marine environment and eutrophication.

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