13 November 2013

Seminar on environmental engineering kicks off Mistra’s anniversary year

Mistra is 20 years old. The anniversary will be celebrated with various events over the year ahead. The first is a seminar on environmental engineering on 19 November.

Since it started in 1994, Mistra has invested more than SEK 3 billion in research. A newly completed evaluation shows that Mistra’s research programmes have had major importance for environmental issues and work on sustainable development. Areas affected have been climate change adaptation, forestry, the marine environment and eutrophication. Mistra’s investments in research have also helped to establish research centres and institutes in the area of climate and the environment.

An anniversary is a welcome occasion to celebrate. This applies to Mistra, too, and special seminars and meetings will be held during the year. The first is a seminar on research and environmental engineering on 19 November. This seminar will clarify some of the challenges encountered when research results are to be developed into useful technology and, by extension, commercial products and services. Examples of challenges are management of patents and scope for obtaining access to venture capital. The seminar ended with a discussion on the industrial research programmes of tomorrow.

‘We would like to hear what people think we should bear in mind in planning new research initiatives,’ says Thomas Nilsson, Programmes Director at Mistra.

The first seminar will be followed by others in winter and spring 2014. These will clarify various aspects of Mistra’s research, and culminate in an anniversary conference on 16 September 2014. The day will be filled with meetings and discussions, and rounded off with a dinner in the evening.

In October 2014 Mistra will hold a joint seminar with two research foundations of the same age, the Swedish Foundation for Knowledge and Competence Development (the ‘Knowledge Foundation’) and the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF). The idea is that those involved should receive the reports evaluating the various foundations’ activities.

Text: Per Westergård, Vetenskapsjournalisterna

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