9 January 2014

Design and transport new research fields

During the spring, Mistra will develop and put forward proposals for research funding calls in the areas of resource-efficient product design and climate-smart transport.

Devising products that use a minimum of resources throughout their service life and developing climate-smart solutions for transporting passengers and goods are key areas for sustainable development. During the spring, Mistra will commission international working groups to analyse research needs in these two areas and draw up proposals for funding application calls. The preliminary plan is for Mistra’s Board to decide on any new programme initiatives in June.

Unique research programmes the aim

One key part of the working groups’ task will be to identify possible lines of research that complement other funders’ initiatives. Mistra can help to ensure that research in these areas takes important steps forward, by identifying new problems and important issues. The new initiative could also create the long-term preconditions for interdisciplinary environments to be established and transdisciplinary research to be carried out.

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