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Daron Acemoglu of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), John Hassler and Per Krusell of Stockholm University, the Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, Torsten Persson of Stockholm University and Philippe Aghion of Harvard University.


4 February 2014

Good advice to Chinese leaders from Mistra researchers

The Chinese Prime Minister recently invited researchers from Mistra-SWECIA to discuss how China can use its natural resources in a more responsible way and push for a global tax on carbon dioxide.

John Hassler, Per Krusell and Torsten Persson are all researchers in the Mistra-SWECIA programme. In December they visited China, where they attended the Caixin Summit conference. The highlight of their trip was nonetheless, perhaps, getting an exclusive meeting with Premier Li Keqiang.

For more than an hour, they and two other environmental researchers were given the chance to express their views on how China can continue to develop more sustainably. Subjects raised included, for example, how use of natural resources can be made more responsible, and the prospects of China leading the movement to introduce a global tax on carbon dioxide.

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