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10 March 2014

Future arena for forest issues on the Almedalen agenda

At an early stage, the Future Forests programme has already arranged events for this summer’s Almedalen Week, an annual political forum, in Visby. Decision-makers and others will be able to discuss the form an arena for taking decisions on forests of the future could take.

During the full-day seminar to be held by the programme, the peace and conflict researcher Wilhelm Agrell, who is on the board of Future Forests, will speak about the need for an arena for resolving forest-related conflicts.

Deciding on the future of forests is difficult, since there are opposing interests and rising expectations of what forests should be able to provide.

‘Find an arena for constructive decision-making is a challenge. But the Future Forests researchers can join in identifying ways forward. That’s what we want to demonstrate in Almedalen,’ says Annika Mossing, Future Forests’ communicator.

Various scenarios to be developed

During the spring researchers in the Future Forests programme, in cooperation with various stakeholders, will develop a range of future scenarios for Swedish forests. These seminars will have four different starting points: forestry and energy; Sami activities; nature conservation and the environment; and recreation and local development.

‘So at our Visby seminar we’ll be able to present a range of different possible images of the future that can open people’s eyes to the options and choices that decision-makers face,’ Mossing explains.

There will also be scope to discuss opportunities and challenges for the National Forestry Programme — the new policy arena for decisions about forests, which exists as a proposal and on which the Government is to decide.

The seminar will end with a panel debate in which key decision-makers, stakeholders and researchers will get a chance to debate the future of forests. The debate will be moderated by Maria Norrfalk, chair of Future Forests’ board.

Text: Andreas Nilsson, Vetenskapsjournalisterna

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