25 June 2014

MistraPharma on the spot in Almedalen

This year, for the first time, a group of researchers from MistraPharma will be taking part in Almedal Week in Visby. Their participation will include contributing to an exhibition about environmental pollutants in everyday life.

This is MistraPharma’s first time of joining politicians and the public for the traditional week at Almedalen (‘Elm Valley’, a park in Visby, Gotland). The fact that one motive for being there is to influence the politicians is not something Programme Director Christina Rudén tries to hide.

‘One purpose of our joining in is, of course, to get environmental policy on the agenda ahead of the election. But it’s also about spreading information. There is great interest from the public in matters relating to chemicals and the Baltic Sea,’ she says.

The research group from MistraPharma is taking part in activities coordinated by the Sustainable Seas Initiative along with, for example, experts from the Swedish Chemicals Agency and the Swedish Medical Products Agency. One task is to present an exhibition about plastics, chemicals and medicines in the home environment. MistraPharma’s researchers have contributed to, and some of them will also give lectures in conjunction with, this exhibition, which is to be opened by the Minister of the Environment. The agenda also includes a panel debate with youth politicians about the situation in the Baltic Sea.

Researchers from several other Mistra programmes will also be taking part during Almedal Week, from 29 June to 6 July. These include researchers from the Stockholm Resilience Centre, Future Forests and Mistra Urban Futures.

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