13 November 2014

Seminar for financial sector
on value of sustainability

The importance of the financial markets in achieving a sustainable society cannot be underestimated. This is the view of Klas Eklund, who has been first Chief Economist and now Senior Economist at SEB for many years. He has long advocated a green economy, and will be taking part in the conference on sustainable investments to be held by Mistra on 3 December.

‘No environmental policy worthy of the name will succeed unless the workings of the financial markets become “greener” than they have been to date. The impact of the financial sector on the climate and environment, direct and indirect, is enormous,’ Klas Eklund says.

On 3 December Mistra is holding a half-day conference on sustainable investments. One speaker will be one of the global pioneers: David Blood, formerly of the investment bank Goldman Sachs. He will describe his work of establishing the Generation investment fund jointly with Al Gore.

From being a niche phenomenon, sustainability has joined many businesses’ agenda today. During the conference, we will also learn more about sustainability efforts at top management level in Volvo, Vasakronan and other companies.

Klas Eklund, who is also taking part, urges central decision-makers both in politics and in the business sector to sign up for the conference. Sustainability is not just a matter of morality or saving the environment. Sustainability criteria are one way of protecting assets in the long term, and should be a self-evident feature of all financial activities, Eklund asserts.

‘Financial short-termism not only involves risks of irreversible damage to humankind’s living conditions; it’s also a sure way of incurring long-term losses for oneself.’

Read the transcriptPDF of an earlier interview with David Blood and Al Gore about sustainable capitalism.

You can sign up for the seminar here.

Text: Henrik Lundström, Vetenskapsjournalisterna

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