7 January 2015

Call for new programme on
financial systems

Mistra has decided to issue a call for funding proposals for a research programme on the scope and limitations of the financial systems. Work in this initiative will also include analysing the changes required for the financial systems to promote sustainable development of society.

The plan is for the Mistra Financial Systems programme, in its research, to have an approach that is critical of existing systems and geared to solutions. The aim is that it will contribute to practical solutions to the problems identified.

Mistra’s Chief Executive, Åke Iverfeldt, explains that the new initiative will have a remit differing from the newly set-up Mistra Centre for Sustainable Markets (MISUM) at the Stockholm School of Economics.

‘Mistra Financial Systems will be confined to studying in depth the roles and functions of the financial systems. With its system-critical approach, the programme will also supplement MISUM, and the synergic effects between the two initiatives will be put to use,’ he says.

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