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Photo: Peter Karlsson


25 March 2015

SEK 42m for research on product design and resource efficiency

Mistra’s Board has decided to invest up to SEK 42 million, over a four-year period, in the REES (Resource-Efficient and Effective Solutions, based on circular economy thinking) research programme. Linköping University was the principal applicant.

The purpose of this initiative is, with knowledge and innovative ideas, to promote the development of a circular economy, i.e. a society based on closed-loop material flows.

In September 2014, Mistra announced a programme on Product design for resource efficiency: Towards a circular economy. By the closing application date, four consortia had submitted proposals. According to an international expert panel’s assessment, REES (Resource-Efficient and Effective Solutions, based on circular economy thinking) is the strongest proposal.

Mistra’s Chief Executive, says: ‘Linköping University, Lund University and Chalmers University of Technology have put in an application that clearly integrates product and service design with development of business models and policy. The fact that the application also has strong support from industry makes it a winner.’

Besides the three academic partners, the consortium includes numerous companies (such as Attends Healthcare AB, Ericsson AB, HTC Sweden AB, Inrego, Ståthöga MA Teknik AB, AB Volvo and Volvo Car Group) and a few organisations and municipalities. Including co-funding from participating companies and academic partners, the budget of the programme totals some SEK 80 million.

Contact persons

Thomas Nilsson, Mistra Programmes Director,, +46-(0)8-791 10 22

Malin Lindgren, Mistra Communications Manager,, +46-(0)8-791 10 27