1 April 2015

British research communication at the Science Festival

Get inspired and learn from the best experts in science communication on 15 April, when the Forum for Research Communication is being held on the theme of ‘London Calling’. The UK is a pioneering country in terms of collaboration between researchers, the media and politicians.

What can researchers and communicators learn from their British colleagues? Find out about their experience, get advice and discuss the matter when the best practitioners in the field from the United Kingdom attend the Forum for Research Communication. Those invited to the event, which is part of the Gothenburg Science Festival, include Fiona Fox, director of the controversial Science Media Centre, and Chris Tyler, director of the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST). 

As in previous years, this year too Mistra is among the arrangers of the Forum for Research Communication, along with other research funders. Those who have already signed on for the eventful afternoon can follow the lectures on the Science Festival website.

Read more about the Forum for Research Communication on 15 April and follow the conference live here: link.

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