1 April 2015

Listen to discussions on sustainable markets

What is a sustainable market, and what research is needed to provide more knowledge of the area? These questions were discussed when Mistra Centre for Sustainable Markets (MISUM) at the Stockholm School of Economics held its first workshop, a recording of which is now available as a podcast.

The newly established Mistra Centre for Sustainable Markets (MISUM) is to spend five years focusing on research and development of courses on sustainable markets. In mid-March, an initial workshop was held at the Stockholm School of Economics, which is hosting this initiative from Mistra.

The workshop convened three sustainability managers — Henrik Sundström of Electrolux, Mala Chakraborti of Atlas Copco and Louise König of COOP — and Carl Rosén, who heads the Swedish Shareholders’ Association. They discussed what makes a market sustainable, how such a market can work and what research needs there are in the area.

Their half-hour discussion was also recorded and is available for listeners in the form of a podcast at link.

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