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1 April 2015

Mistra joins in staking out the future

Åke Iverfeldt belongs to the Swedish Government’s newly set-up ‘Secretariat for Future Studies’, which is to provide knowledge of how Sweden can achieve sustainable, competitive development. Dialogue among businesses, researchers and civil society will help to define challenges regarding the environment, work and welfare, and to identify possible solutions.

Many crucial issues for the future require broad analysis of the problems we face and long-term solutions spanning several sectors of society. The challenges are a matter of switching to green options (a ‘green shift’), global cooperation, giving more people jobs, distributing resources fairly, demographic parameters and prosperity.

The purpose of the secretariat is to support the Swedish Government in this work. At the beginning of this year Kristina Persson, the Minister for Strategy, Future Issues and Nordic Cooperation, appointed the secretariat, which gathered in groups concerned with three themes: ‘Green Shift and Competitiveness’, ‘Work in the Future’ and ‘Green Cooperation’. These include representatives of businesses, organisations and academia, to discuss and develop future policy.

Participation from Mistra

Mistra’s CE Åke Iverfeldt is involved as an expert in the group working on a green shift and competitiveness. The SEB economist Klas Eklund, who is a member of Mistra’s Board, also chairs the ‘Work in the Future’ analysis group.

The analysis groups are to identify challenges and problem, formulate visions and draw up proposals for priority measures ahead of the groups’ future sessions. During the year, the groups will draw up proposals for the ‘Council for Future Studies’, which was set up recently and is headed by Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and Kristina Persson. The Council also includes Per Bolund, Anna Johansson, Åsa Romson and Ardalan Shekarabi.

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