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6 May 2015

Keen interest in Mistra Innovation’s new call

There is much interest in Mistra Innovation’s third call for proposals. At Midsummer it will be announced which five applications, out of the 20-odd received, will share support totalling millions of kronor. Lars Frenning, the Programme Director, wishes he had more funds to distribute, as there are so many good projects.

In two previous calls, Mistra Innovation has awarded SEK 37 million to 11 different projects. The third call is now in its final phase, and at Midsummer we’ll know who will be able to share the total of SEK 20 million.

‘We’ve received 23 applications. They’re all outstanding and several have the potential to give us a considerably better environment,’ says Programme Director Lars Frenning.

Wide range of ideas

Many of the proposals are about carrying out environmental improvements in the engineering industry. But there are also some unusual proposals, such as one about bakeries being able to mix flour and yeast in a new, more efficient way.

‘It’s good that there’s a wide variety of applications, and tremendous that some of them really stick out from the crowd.’

Some of the projects that funding is now being applied for have already received support before. They are now taking part in the new call for a chance to take further steps forward.

‘It’s a development we’ve encouraged. If their applications succeed this time as well, it gives them better prospects of success in further improving the environment.’

Decisions announced in June

The call closed in early April, and now Mistra’s scientific and industrial councils have started their evaluation. In early June, they will invite the applicants who have sent in the most interesting proposals to a hearing, and by Midsummer Mistra Innovation’s board will announce which groups will receive support.

‘Unfortunately, there’s only enough money for about five projects, but I really wish I could distribute twice as much. The applications are so interesting.’

Frenning is also pleased that there is greater variation at the companies that have applied for funding than there used to be. In the first two rounds of the call, it was mainly small, research-intensive firms in proximity to universities that were keen to apply, while medium-sized industrial companies were almost entirely absent.

‘This time, there are slightly fewer microcompanies. Instead, we see a rise in interest from larger companies, and also groupings that have been working in their respective sectors for a long time. This gives the projects increased stability,’ says Frenning.


Mistra Innovation will help to ensure that small and medium-sized companies venture to invest in innovative ideas involving high risk, considerable potential and extensive environmental content. The programme is intended to have a positive effect on both the environment and competitiveness. It calls for close collaboration between industry, on the one hand, and universities and other higher education institutions or research institutes on the other.

The objective is to support research and development of a new generation of globally competitive, high-performance products and manufacturing processes and/or services that impose radically smaller burdens on natural resources and the environment throughout their life cycle.

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