6 May 2015

Mistra research helps EU efforts to combat drugs in the environment

In the European Parliament, researchers from MistraPharma are to present a status report on current knowledge of pharmaceutical residues as an environmental problem. The hope is that the results from the programme that is soon to be completed will contribute to work under way at EU level to reduce risks in this area.

The EU has begun paying attention in earnest to the growing problem that water and soil are becoming contaminated with drug residues. The European Commission is currently drawing up a strategy for contamination with pharmaceutical substances in aquatic environments. Negotiations are also in progress in the Council of Ministers and the European Parliament on proposals that can increase environmental accountability for products including drugs used in veterinary medicine that are associated with antibiotic resistance.

To obtain results from the research frontline concerning drugs and the environment, the European Parliament is holding a seminar on 2 June at which research from MistraPharma will be presented. At the meeting in Brussels, both environmental impacts of various pharmaceutical substances, on the one hand, and antiobiotic resistance on the other, will be discussed. Other topics will include possible ways forward in the work of remedying these problems through better risk assessment and more efficient techniques in sewage treatment works, for example. The host for the seminar will be Jytte Guteland, a Swedish Social Democratic Member of the European Parliament.

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