18 June 2015

SEK 80m for research on
fashion and recycling

Mistra is investing in a second phase of the two programmes Mistra Future Fashion and Mistra Closing the Loop. Over the next four years, a total of SEK 80 million is to be spent on further development of research on a sustainable fashion industry and use of industrial waste.

As before, the continued Mistra Closing the Loop initiative will take the form of a number of projects collaborating, within the programme, to find out how best to dispose of various forms of industrial waste and reuse it more efficiently. In the past three years, the researchers have developed methods for identifying resources and restoring them to industry. Mistra’s investment of SEK 40 million is to be supplemented by at least SEK 20m in co-funding from stakeholders participating in the new initiative.

Mistra Future Fashion is also being awarded SEK 40m in a new phase to last until 2019. The aim is to proceed further with the work of giving the fashion industry tools that make sustainability a competitive advantage.

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