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18 June 2015

Sport and geopolitics two
possible new research areas

How to make sport sustainable and how geopolitics and environmental issues are connected may, in the future, be the subjects of new Mistra research programmes. But first the requirements need to be explored further, and the Board of Mistra reached this decision at the beginning of June.

Proposals for possible research programmes are constantly being developed in Mistra. One of the latest relates to geopolitics and sustainable development.

‘We’re seeing a troubled world at present. There are many connections between geopolitics, climate and the environment, not least when it comes to the refugee situation in the world,’ says Thomas Nilsson of Mistra’s secretariat.

He explains that there has already, in Mistra’s current programme of Arctic research, been an approach to research issues touching on geopolitics.

 ‘Examples include countries trying to grab rights to extract oil and valuable minerals.’

Sport with less consumption

Sport and physical training are a completely different subject area that is topical at present. How such activities can affect the environment less may now also become the object of a forthcoming research initiative from Mistra.

‘In the past few years, training and sports have assumed ever greater space in people’s lives. And that’s tremendously good for individuals’ health, of course. But many training activities also push up consumption — of clothes, personal equipment and travel to be able to practise the sports concerned,’ says Thomas Nilsson.

At its meeting in early June, Mistra’s Board took a focus decision to proceed with work on both geopolitics and sport. The next stage will now be to engage international experts that will elucidate these subjects and put forward proposals for concrete issues to address. Calls for funding applications, if any, still lie a year or so ahead in time.

Text: Henrik Lundström, Vetenskapsjournalisterna

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