30 September 2015

Closing conference summarises research on drugs and environment

In mid-October, the scientists in MistraPharma will share the results from their many years’ efforts to clarify the environmental effects of medicines. At the closing conference of the programme, challenges and solutions for the future will be discussed with various key stakeholders who are working to minimise the problem.

For eight years, MistraPharma has been conducting wide-ranging research on environmental effects of pharmaceutical drugs. Apart from obtaining more knowledge about the extent of the problem of active substances being spread in nature, the programme has also explored various ways of minimising the impact that is at risk of happening.

At the concluding conference of the programme on 14 October, the researchers will present the results obtained from this large-scale endeavour, from improved risk assessments to more effective wastewater treatment. Delegates at the conference will also include politicians and representatives of a range of public agencies engaged in this issue.

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