28 January 2016

Broad gender equality in Mistra’s initiatives

An analysis of the status of gender equality in Mistra’s activities shows a favourable outcome. Leading positions in all research programmes are almost entirely evenly divided between men and women.

A recent survey of gender equality in Mistra’s research initiatives and its own secretariat showed that 52% of the positions are held by men and 48% by women. Altogether, the review of the secretariat and all the programme directors and their deputies included 144 individuals.

It is not only Mistra in general that can demonstrate good gender equality. The Future Forests programme had also previously conducted a survey with satisfactory results. The figures, obtained earlier this year, show that as many positions for women as for men were being funded within the programme. Published articles, of which Future Forests researchers were the first authors, are also evenly divided in gender terms. Overall, Programme Director Annika Nordin cited Future Forests as Sweden’s most gender-equal research programme, in terms of how it funds services.

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