28 January 2016

Mistra discloses carbon footprint

Back in 2014, Mistra started measuring the carbon footprint from its own equity portfolio. Signing the international Montréal Pledge was therefore a natural step.

‘We obtained a figure for the carbon footprint of our equity funds back in 2014. What’s new is that we now report this result publicly on our website,’ says Birgitta Jonsson Palmgren, Mistra’s Chief Financial Officer.

Carbon footprint is a measure of emissions, caused by an organisation, country or private individual,­­ of carbon dioxide and other gases that affect the climate. Mistra calculates its footprint on the basis of its ownership stakes, by summarising all the emissions in the companies where the Foundation has made equity investments.

‘Another aim was to support the Montréal Pledge initiative ( It’s entirely in line with the sustainable investment strategy Mistra’s had for many years,’ Palmgren says.

Mistra and the other Pledge signatories have undertaken to annually measure and publicly disclose the carbon footprints of their portfolios.

Ten billion dollars

Since the initiative for the Montréal Pledge was taken in 2014 roughly 120 major investors, with aggregate assets under management exceeding USD 10 billion have signed.

The signatories include insurance companies and pension fund managers from the US, Europe, Africa and Asia. So far, in Sweden, Mistra is accompanied by such institutional investors as Nordea, Länsförsäkringar[1]external link and several of the Swedish National Pension Funds.

Palmgren hopes that the number of financial organisations that disclose their carbon footprints will grow and the methodology will be standardised. Mistra has worked strategically on sustainable asset management since the mid-2000s. An important part of Mistra’s current work is to emphasise the value of sustainable asset management and if possible serve as an example to others, she thinks.

Text: Henrik Lundström

[1]external linkTranslator’s note. Literally ‘County Insurance’, Länsförsäkringar is a nationwide Swedish group of 23 independent, customer-owned insurance companies.

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