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18 February 2016

Final Mistra Indigo conference points to future climate action

Mistra Indigo has combined research with policy activities to contribute new knowledge to climate policy. In March, the results of four years’ work will be summarised at a final conference. The key lessons from the programme will be discussed to stake out the direction that climate policy should take both in Sweden and at international level.

Research in Mistra Indigo has focused on supporting climate policy in areas that are not directly affected by the international climate talks. The programme has studied such topics as a global trading system for carbon markets, the distribution effects of climate policy, incentives for technological development and companies’ strategic action based on climate policy.

At the Post Paris Policies — Challenges and Opportunities conference in Stockholm on 10 March researchers, decision-makers and industry representatives will report in detail on the current situation after the Climate Change Conference (COP21) in Paris. Questions to be discussed are how international climate policy is influenced, what the relationship is between renewable energy sources and future energy needs, and how — and when — Sweden will become fossil-free.

Another topic for the meeting will be the challenges facing forthcoming research, with the focus on climate and adaptation. The speakers are to include Anna Lindstedt, Sweden’s Ambassador for Climate Change; Christian Egenhofer of the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS), the Brussels think tank; and Dallas Burtraw of the American research centre Resources for the Future in Washington D., one of the leading researchers in Mistra Indigo.

Text: Andreas Nilsson

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