11 April 2016

Animated short film about sustainable urban areas

Worldwide, the number of people living in towns and cities is growing. Urban environments must become more sustainable on the basis of new knowledge ranging from water and energy conservation to social issues. In a new short film, Mistra Urban Futures describes what achieving this aim may involve.

Researchers and users in Mistra Urban Futures are developing innovative solutions for engineers, architects, social planners and economists. How can one communicate the complex issues involved in what a sustainable city can be? And which approaches can engage civil servants, politicians and the public in the transformation of urban areas?

Researcher Beth Perry, who heads the UPRISE (Urban Processes, Resilient Infrastructures and Sustainable Environments) research centre in Manchester, will share her research vision and ideas about how to engage residents in the work. She also heads the Salford Sustainable Urban and Regional Futures (SURF) research group, part of Mistra Urban Futures that is working to make the city of Salford sustainable. The group’s efforts include trying to find new, innovative channels of communication in the dialogue among researchers and residents, including several films, cartoon strips and various events.

Manchester is one of Mistra Urban Futures’ four local platforms, facing various challenges, that are all contributing to the research and providing new solutions. Gothenburg (the programme’s headquarters), Cape Town in South Africa and Kisumu in Kenya are the others. Mistra invested SEK 80 million last year in a second phase of the initiative, up to 2019.

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