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11 April 2016

New calls for climate-related proposals

An international expert panel has praised Mistra’s climate research and recommended investments in new programmes. Mistra’s Board has therefore initiated two funding calls: one for research on ‘Transformative changes in society to achieve challenging climate goals’ and the other for ‘Geopolitics and Sustainable Development’.

The international expert panel recently asked to evaluate Mistra-funded climate research found it mainly excellent. On the other hand, the experts expressed the wish to see more initiatives. One clear recommendation was to invest more in programmes that can help to create a climate-neutral Sweden and identify ways of adapting society to meet climate-related challenges.

Thomas Nilsson, Programmes Director for climate research at Mistra, says: ‘Mistra’s Board sees a need for an intensified commitment in climate research. The expert panel’s advice has therefore culminated in a decision to issue funding calls for two new programmes. Our ambition is, at a later date, to announce a further climate-relevant call.’

In one of the calls, ‘Transformative changes in society to achieve challenging climate goals’, the overarching question to be addressed by the programme is how Sweden could be transformed, within just a few decades, into a society with zero net emissions of greenhouse gases and very limited use of fossil fuels.

‘It may be a matter of new instruments and policy needs, and what changes industry needs to make. The starting point is that for the measures to have any effect, we must act as soon as possible.’

The call is addressed at a broad stakeholder spectrum: researchers, industrial companies, public agencies and representatives of civil society.

The second call, ‘Geopolitics and Sustainable Development’, will focus on the association between climate change and geopolitical change. The background to this call is a new geopolitical landscape driven partly by global climate change in interaction with new demographic factors and migration patterns. Many of the people involved in the matter tend to pinpoint threats and growing vulnerability. The research programme will seek to challenge existing perceptions and develop counterbalancing ideas in the form of opportunities and solutions for long-term sustainable development.

‘We hope for great interest in this call, not least because of the connection between climate change and migration,’ says Johan Edman, who is in charge of this call at Mistra.

‘There’s a major risk of us seeing new refugee flows caused by global warming in the future.’

The Board has allocated a total of SEK 104 million over four years for these two calls. In addition, Mistra has imposed a requirement of co-funding from industry and other organisations engaged in research. Applications must reach Mistra by 5 September 2016 at the latest.

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