11 April 2016

Quest for more consensus at well-attended Future Forests Week

Future forestry must be more varied and landowners need help in making wise choices. The threat of climate change may also, perhaps, unite various interests in a shared approach to sustainable forestry. These views and much more emerged in the three eventful days in which Future Forests summarised its research.

Biodiversity in the forests of the future was the introductory theme of Future Forests Week, held by the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry over three days. Mistra’s Future Forests research programme presented its collected research results on how Swedish forestry can be made sustainable. The many visitors included landowners and representatives of public agencies and nature conservation organisations.

On the ensuing two days, the themes were ‘Climate and Future Forests’ and ‘Land and Water in Future Forests’ respectively. The breadth of the seminar indicates the many functions of forests and the challenges to forestry. Expectations from the community are high: that forests should be worked competitively and that this must, at the same time, be done without biodiversity, soil and water, recreational amenities and cultural heritage being depleted or harmed. Large-scale climate change and demographic and economic trends are also affecting forests and forestry.

Mistra Webbredaktör