21 May 2016

Mistra’s many powerful environmental figures

People in Mistra’s research initiatives are listed among the politicians, researchers, business leaders and lobbyists with most influence in ‘Environment Sweden’.

When the journal Aktuell hållbarhet (‘Current Sustainability’) assessed which people had generated most environmental benefits over the past year, several Mistra researchers came high up on the list. In the ‘bronze position’ as the third most powerful person was Johan Rockström, who heads the Stockholm Resilience Centre. The motivation is that he has influenced the surrounding world by publicising research results both as the host of summer chat programmes on the radio and as a member of key expert bodies.

Ninth on the list was Thomas Sterner, professor of environmental economics at the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg. Sterner has worked alongside Mistra Indigo’s researchers on international climate policy. A newcomer to the list is Lin Lerpold, director of the Mistra Center for Sustainable Markets (MISUM) at the Stockholm School of Economics, who is ranked as the 11th most influential person thanks to her role as head of this research initiative concerning sustainable markets.

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