12 September 2016

Research on sustainable financial sector at international meeting

Sustainable investment opportunities and the latest trends in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) are to be presented at a conference in late September. Mistra is taking part and will describe its research initiatives in the area.

The international TBLI CONFERENCETM series (TBLI stands for Triple Bottom Line Investing, which is also known as Environmental, Social and Governance [ESG] investment) regularly brings together the leading financial players in Europe, Asia and North and South America. The aim is to develop the area of CSR and ideas on how financial players can contribute to society. The next conference, TBLI CONFERENCE NORDIC, will be held in Stockholm on 20–21 September, hosted by the exchange company Nasdaq.

Besides lectures given by influential investors and entrepreneurs involved in sustainable investments, there will be practical workshops, with case studies and market analyses. Mistra’s Executive Director Åke Iverfeldt is to take part during the conference, describing how research can support a changeover in the financial sector on the basis of, for example, two initiatives: Misum (Mistra Center for Sustainable Markets) and Mistra Financial Systems.

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