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14 October 2016

Mistra Future Fashion funds sustainable ideas

Do you have an idea about how the fashion industry can be adapted, becoming more circular and sustainable? There is now an opportunity to get support from Mistra Future Fashion, which is seeking good projects to fund that can contribute to the work of this research programme.

A lot is going on to make the fashion industry sustainable, both in Sweden and in the rest of the world. Leading researchers and fashion companies are working to find ways of bringing about a more circular fashion sector that consumes less resources. But Mistra Future Fashion thinks there are many more people who have good ideas about how to transform the industry. This research programme is therefore calling for ground-breaking project proposals that Mistra would be willing to invest resources in.

Up to SEK 600,000 available

The application period lasts until 30 November 2016 and the priority focus areas are digitisation, implementation and upscaling of services. The best ideas may receive nearly SEK 600,000. Applicants may come from universities, research institutes, industry and Mistra Future Fashion’s existing partners.

In Mistra Future Fashion, researchers are working with operators in the fashion industry on possible design approaches to a circular economy; how to foster a more sustainable, circular supply chain; how to get users to act sustainably; and how to boost textile recycling.

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