22 December 2016

Mette Morsing: new Mistra Professor of Sustainable Markets

At year-end Mette Morsing will take up the Mistra Chair of Sustainable Markets, a newly established professorship at the Stockholm School of Economics. She will gain a key role in developing work on sustainability at the School, and is to head scientific work at Misum, the Mistra Center for Sustainable Markets.

‘It’s an exciting position created by the Stockholm School of Economics and Mistra to develop research on how companies can contribute to the development of society by promoting sustainability. Along with the head of Misum and other colleagues, I’ll carry on the vigorous work that has already been started,’ says Mette Morsing.

At Copenhagen Business School (CBS), where she has been a professor, her work has included establishing the Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility. Her own research in social sciences focuses on sustainability issues and business administration.

In her new role, she will head scientific activities at Misum, the Mistra Center for Sustainable Markets. Morsing will also have a great deal of influence over teaching on sustainability at the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE).

‘I look forward to working with students — they’re the leaders of tomorrow. Discussing things with the SSE students and challenging their critical thinking will be a tremendous thrill.’

Strengthening research on sustainability

In 2015, Misum embarked on its work to develop sustainability efforts in the business sector. To support the School’s focus on sustainability further, SSE accordingly set up a new professorship, the Mistra Chair of Sustainable Markets — and this too, as the name indicates, is financially supported by Mistra.

In a press release, SSE’s President Lars Strannegård states how pleased he is about the appointment. Lin Lerpold, the head of Misum, hopes that Mette Morsing’s experience of leading and developing research oriented towards sustainability will give a big impetus to the work.

‘Mette is a superb addition to the team. She has a fine track record and has successfully established research in Copenhagen by working with and supporting young researchers and companies in their sustainability efforts. We hope she will do the same here at Misum and, at the same time, broaden our international horizons through her network,’ Lerpold says.

Morsing starts her new job on 1 January. In close collaboration with her colleagues at Misum, she will continue to work on the Center’s task of connecting issues that relate to economic, social and environmental sustainability. Otherwise, she wants to wait and see before choosing any particular emphasis for her work.

‘Of course, I do have some thoughts and ideas about what I want to bring about as professor. But first I want to meet my new colleagues and get to know the research environment at Misum and SSE,’ Morsing says.

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