22 December 2016

New project investigates microparticles from polyester fabric

Mistra Future Fashions is starting the Microplastics project to investigate the connection between textile characteristics and how polyester fabrics shed microparticles that pollute marine environments.

When microscopic plastic particles from polyester fabric enter the sea, they contribute to chemical compounds that threaten the marine environment. With its Microplastics project, Mistra Future Fashion seeks to fill the existing knowledge gap in research into what causes polyester fabrics to shed particles.

The underlying cause of the growing quantity of plastic particles in marine waters is unknown, but some of the few studies carried out to date indicate that washing of textiles is an important causal factor. Microplastics, which is headed by Swerea (a Swedish research group for industrial renewal and sustainable development), will develop knowledge and a theoretical framework on how both to design and to dispose of polyester fabrics in such a way as to minimise the spread of plastic particles. The project is a joint pilot study with three companies that are partners in Mistra Future Fashion; Boob Design, Filippa K and H&M.


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